Willow Build

By Lowrad

So had a discussion with the Mrs and realized that we have never done a build-up thread on her YJ or at least we can’t seem to find it lol.
So we will be diggin through the archives in the coming weeks and putting up some pictures and details should be fun.
On a side note, I actually drove it on the 401 last night and was clipping along at 130kph (well speedo read that in reality probably just over 100kph as I didn’t seem to pull away from transports that I merged on the hwy with but was getting passed by everyone else) and it rode pretty darn good.

This was the begging of the teardown last winter on Willow we cut out all the rot we could get too and welded in new patches. Still a work in progress like everything we own.



  • As you can see she was pretty ruff 30 years will do that I suppose.
  • Up Up and away.
  • Getting the younglings in on the build she did the entire frame in POR15 when we finished fixing it.
  • Put bondo on sand it off put it back on sand it off.

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