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In the beginning the big Monkey in the sky created the earth and sky and sun and moon and stars. Then he created Tweeter. I, but a humble Monkey am just perfecting on his masterpiece. Here is his humble origins.

So basically at this point just about everything I did last winter I have changed my mind on. So I had started accumulating parts, got this stuff.

  • This is the front D60 with kingpins outa a 1 ton Dodge.

Then I got a D300 from Mike thanks to Bushy. Just picked up a box4rocks doubler kit to put the np231/d300 together. Picking up a 14 bolt from Andrew shortly.

Basically Tweeter will have a hood left from the original body everything else will be tube and plate. I should have the weight under 4000 lbs with all my calculations. Running 38-40’s that way I don’t have to get chromo shafts or anything like that. Going to shave the D60 and 14 bolt so they have about the same clearance as a D44 (probably not that good but it’s nice to dream).

Gonna start tearing into him this weekend at Kents. I hope I can have a lot of his stuff gutted just need to get some tube. Here is where Tweeter stands, axles sold, rear bumper sold, other odds and ends sold.

Have D60 for front, have 14 bolt for rear, have the box4rocks doubler kit, have the 231/d300 transfer cases, have the ram for the steering. Need to get some links, a orbital, some 2×2 square tubing, some 2×3 tube and need to get 6-8 lengths of structure tubing (my cage tubing). Should only need 6 but might need the other 2 for mess ups and other odds and ends.

So basically in the next couple of weeks I will be moving Tweeter from Kents carport to the shop and start the ripping down process and getting the axles under him. Then in the coming winter months I will be spending some very long days at Kents place. To be honest I really don’t care to what degree he is ready, come end of May he will be having the living crap beat outta him. He will have a trailer he can sit on if I get mad at him.

Got steering orbital today just have to make sure its the right one needs to be an open center and not closed center. Still trying to figure that out that and what the volume capacity is. Also gonna be pickin up some 40×13.5×15 Iroks with better than half tread for a great deal (well my opinion a great deal). Probably go next weekend to get them. Everything’s coming up Milhouse. The build for the doubler is hear. Here are some pics of the axles and tires and other stuff for build I’ve got so far.

  • Tires 39.5x13.5x15 better than 50%.
  • The almighty 14 bolt in all its glory.

Everything about 1 ton axles is big there is no way around it. Monkey can’t throw these things around like a Dana 44. I can usually pick up a D44 with little effort and carry it myself. Each axle weights in over 500lbs a piece so ya they are adding 1/2 a ton to Tweeter by themselves. The forces they will create on the body will be pretty extreme this is one of the reasons for the full buggy (tube work will reinforce everything as well as save my butt).

Here is one of the projects I have to do to the D60. Since I’m using 15 inch rims they don’t clear the calipers and mounts so break out the angle grinder.

So got back at Tweeter today took fenders and doors and header off. Kept roof on to keep the body straight till I get the main hoop and other stuff in which got me motivated to work on the D60. Took some measurements and turns out the 14 bolt should bolt right in with the leafs. Anyways heres some pics.

Basically cleaning and prepping the 60 the next week or so on the 14th or15th it will go in. Bringing the 60 with me to Kents and gonna see about the truss and maybe the shave but time will dictate. Also gonna see about getting the doubler in or at the very least get the other transfer case outa Tweeter.

Then when the doubler is in I can see what I’m gonna do for driveshafts and placement of the 60. Once tires are on I can see about starting the cage. I can’t wait to wheel the pee outa him when he’s done although are they ever really done.

So cleaning up the 60 this week not going to put it back together yet going to bring it with me to Kents this weekend and gonna work out the truss ideas and whatnot with Dean. I will be putting the 14 bolt in the back this weekend and putting the 40’s on the back and I will also try and put the transfer case in so maybe get an idea what needs to be cut outta the way and where the axle is going to have to sit to line up the front driveshaft. 

Thinking about using the existing control arms to mock in the control arm and panhard bar mounts then when everything is mocked into place I can see about making the long arms. But before long arms I need to make the cage so ya rambling I’m doin stuff.

Finished cleaning up the 60 today had to throw some paint on it so it didn’t rust anymore Used three different colors because I kept running outta paint. Going to paint the housing black (probably Por 15 after the links and truss and everything is all done). The brackets and calipers and rotors are going to be orange like the 14 bolt.

Wow look at me being all color coordinated.

14 bolt in. Had a moment today after getting it in place and went to put the u bolts in and never even thought that the mounting plate for the top wouldn’t even be close. I just figured I could drill out the holes, well when the mount is only 4 inches wide and the u bolts are 3-5/8 there’s not enough material. So thanks to some spare 3/8 plate and Kents quick thinking/toolery we fabbed up some mounts. Also worked with Dean and Keith makin the truss for Keith’s 14 bolt. Gonna work on the truss for Keiths dana 60 tomorrow. I’m also gonna try and get the transfer case installed. The truss was actually pretty cool to make, gonna involve 1/2 thick x 4 inch wide plate. Gonna work on that and the link mounts after xmas and hopefully get the 60 in.

Then it’s on to the Tub work

  • Getting the old rear diff out.

So sniff sniff I smell something smelling (no its not me) Tweeters revival pretty soon. Ordered 7/8 chromoly rod ends and poly bushing kits and coil bucket mounts from TMR the other day. The D60 is still all in pieces and Tweeter is at Kents still but I will be getting Dorothy back together this week and then going to pick him up. Just gotta borrow a float from someone, (have a line on a float from Jeff (Freakout) have to go check it out yet whenever he’s not running the roads). Need to get him home so I can start on the mockup of the front axle (yes Bushy the control arms are finally coming off).

Will also be selling my adjustable track bar with bracket (just bought last season I wheeled him like maybe 5 trails and 1000k on the road maybe. It’s not a TRE system either its rod end and poly bushings). Will also be selling my bomb proof front bumper cause it doesn’t fit in with my new buggy look (if you seen how Tweeter looks now you would agree so building new winch mount and whatnot into cage).

Stuffs happening stay tuned.

So in case peeps don’t know Tweeter has been back at my place for a couple weeks now. Got the dana 30 out of him, Dana 60 is underneath him and have decided today to simplify things by going with leafs in the front for now. This way I can concentrate on the cage work and everything else that will need to be done. Mainly I just want him together for next spring. In the following years I will do links and coil overs as time and budget allow. Everything I have bought will be used eventually. My goal is to just get him back together ASAP and everything else will come in its due time. Man I must be getting older i’m actually using my head for something other than a hat rack.

Updates coming he’s almost back well ok thats a lie but if I can help it he will be sitting on his boots this weekend.

Got the front end in temporarily so I can get Tweeter over to Tulmans shop to proceed with the build. Here’s a pic you get the idea. I like the stance measures out to 116 inch wheelbase it will probably stay somewhere around there. Shipping him over on Saturday and parts to be ordered this week from Mud and More and a sheetload of stuff from TMR.

Also thinkin about a PCS setup instead of what I had planned with a single end ram I had bought. Plan is as follows, suspension fabbed in January, cage work Feb, driveline March, going around and doing everything else that I buggered up in April. May is shake down. Here’s hoping.

Well he sits at Tulmans shop now everything I did held long enough to get him there. Tear down begins this week. Now to order some parts.

So made a trip up to TMR Thursday picked up a Pro Tools bender and 1.66 (1.25 pipe) die (least Im gonna have to check on that was supposed to have one). Anyways also got the 14 bolt shave kit, triangulated rear frame mount and LCA mounts and UCA mounts on axle. All kinda goodies time to get atter. Some stuff I did the other day.

Now to get to shaving the axles while I wait for my die to come in the new year. Also might be ordering ORI struts instead of coilovers if that is the case they could take 8 weeks to come in so then I would get to the cage work and incorporate mockup stuff into the build as I go.

Things are progressing slowly but still progressing. 14 bolt is all shaved just have to bring my ring gear to Dan (MrBadWeld from Dent site) and we are gonna try to turn it down in his big layth.
The ORI “Struts” (air coil overs look into them if your interested they cool as hell) should soon becoming in.

Im am doing kind of a boatside on Tweeter now I cut out the rockers and about 3 inches up from that and then butted a piece of 2x4x3/16 wall up to the bottom of the down pillers front and rear. Those will be supported by 2x2x1/8 wall tube and then I will put a thick sheet of aluminum or something like that across those to make it all smooth (aluminum will save a little weight).

Have cage all drawn out going to start taking measurements this weekend and start messing with the bender. I’ll get some pics up soon.

Here is the shave complete bottom plate from TMR is 1/2 inch thick. Diff cover I had that Andrew put on before is 3/8 inch thick. Basically if that ain’t beef enough I think I’m screwed.

Here’s some pics of his progress he’s finally starting to look like something. Also some pics of links I’m making 2x2x.25 wall and 1.25 heims.

There has been a disturbance in the farce. Operation spring fling has begun. Couple minor adjustments and I’ll have full flex and wheels turned lock to lock and have room for 42s.

  • These are the links.

There has been a disturbance in the farce. Had a squirrel moment and changed the back half again going to be a 2 seater.

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