Relocated XJ Air Intake


Here are some pictures and a description of my relocated air intake. Here is a list of parts I used.

  • Air filter – K&N Part# RU3130
  • 3.5″x3″ Elbow – Donaldson Part# P123462
  • 3″ Elbow – Donaldson Part# P105532
  • 3″ Exhaust pipe
  • 3.5″ O.D. Pipe
  • 3″ I.D. Heater hose and clamps

The donaldson elbows and heater hose can be gotten from Traction (heavy duty parts division of NAPA) or most tractor trailer repair facilities.

Once all the holes are drilled and metal edges are cleaned up you can start installing parts. First slide the air filter into the cowl. Next install the 2″ long piece of 3.5″ tubing into the elbow. Loosely slide your clamps over the elbow and air filter. Put the elbow into the cowl and slide air filter over the end then slide the 5″ long piece of 3″ pipe into the elbow through the fire wall and tighten this clamp. Install the second elbow on the other end of this pipe. I next went to the local exhaust shop and when I got there I undid the elbow going into the factory air cleaner and turned it around. They then bent me a pipe to fit from the factory elbow on the throttle body to the elbow at the fire wall. The factory elbow is slightly larger than 3″ so I cut a small piece of 3″ silicone rad hose and slid it over the 3″ pipe to make up the difference. I also slid a second piece of this rad hose over so the steel pipe didn’t hit on the valve cover.

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