Quinn Trail Videos

Located between Calabogie and Ompah, Ontario, the Quinn Trail is a forest trail that gives offroaders several options depending on driver skill and experience. This trail has been used for many years by all kinds of groups. In 2008, tire manufacturer BF Goodrich awarded it the status of “Outstanding Trail”.  This is a full-day trail with a nice spot for lunch overlooking a lake. Running the trail from the back door at the north end makes the trail more challenging exiting out the front door to the south. The last time we ran the trail there was a new bridge at the front door that was not wide enough to cross with a full-size Jeep, not sure if that has changed since we were there last. The trail has several steep rocky climbs, and some off-camber areas as well. There is a side trail off Quinn Trail called Pinion Pass it offers a steep rock hill climb with chances of body damage. The track for the trail can be found in the Trail Database.

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