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Phil Factor was an annual event hosted by Chatham Jeep Club that ran for about 10 years. It took place on private property just outside Bobcaygeon. Chatham Jeep Club decided to suspend Phil Factor around 2014. Attended this event a couple of times it was a well-organized event, you could camp on-site or stay in Bobcaygeon at one of the motels, good times.

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  • Bart

    From cujo`s website.

    Phil Factor 2014

    Phil Factor has been a great success for 10 years, and we truly appreciate all your support over the years.

    Planning an event like this take a tremendous amount of time and dedication from the members of the Chatham Jeep Club. Unfortunately with the club members changing and growing family’s, and increasingly busy schedules, it becomes more and more difficult every year to plan and maintain the caliber of event we all expect.

    With that said, the Chatham Jeep Club has regrettably decided to suspend Phil Factor until further notice. This decision was not an easy one to make, and we trust you will all understand and respect it.

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