Jeep Mods

89 Jeep YJ
  • Unmolested 1989 Jeep YJ

Unmolested 89 Jeep YJ, 4.2 engine with an automatic A999 transmission, first mod was 31 inch tires. First run was Mcknight Lake south off the Lingham Hydro Line. There was one deep water crossing we encountered and by the time we got into Mcknight Lake I found the transmission acting up. I didn’t realize Jeep with all there wisdom had put the transmission vent in the front pump cover behind the torque convertor. We made it home, flushed out the transmission and everything was fine.

Second mod was to remove the transmission, plug the vent in the front cover, drill and install a vent in the transmission case. At the same time installed a transmission shift kit.

From there the mods were as follows. New 4.2 short block with 4 liter head, weber carb, GM HEI ignition and electric fan. Next installed a transfer case slip yoke eliminator and a CV rear drive shaft, 3 inch shackle lift and 33 inch tires. Removed factory A/C and used the A/C compressor for an onboard air system. Installed Poision Spyder tube fenders on the front, Bushwacker flares on the rear and trimmed rear tub to clear the 33 in tires. Installed Lock Right locker in the rear and an OX locker in the front, regeared both axles to 4:10 gears. Custom bumpers front and rear, custom rocker knockers and a winch up front. This Jeep served me well for several years as a daily driver and performed very well on the trails with minimal damage. 

03 Jeep TJ

  • Unmolested 2003 Jeep TJ

Seems my son wanted to follow in my footsteps. 4 liter engine with 5 speed standard transmission.  Started with a 3 in suspension lift and 33 in tires. First trail run he found out the factory gears and the 33 in tires were to hard on the clutch. We decided to upgrade the rear diff to a Ford 8.8 with 4:88 gears and 35 in tires. We installed a Lock Right locker in the rear and used the OX locker out of my YJ for the front. We swapped out the YJ transfer case with the slip yoke eliminator and the CV rear shaft from my YJ along with new adjustable control arms on the rear. Body armour included tube fenders on the front, corner guards on the rear, front bumper with stinger and winch, rear bumper and rock sliders.

04 Jeep Rubicon

  • Unmolested 04 Rubicon.

This was also purchased unmolested with a 4 liter engine and automatic transmission. First thing was a 3 in suspension lift with 33 in tires. From there we did a tummy tuck which also included skid plates for the transmission and engine oil pan. Viair on board air system. Relocated factory locker air pumps from the skid plate to the engine compartment. Rear CV drive shaft along with adjustable control arms front and back. Currie antirock front sway bar. Currie HD track bar. Front bumper with stinger. Winch with synthetic rope.  Rear bumper with tire carrier. DIY Rico step kit from poison spyder. 

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