Offroad Adventures

Collection of offroad photos and videos from various trails like Greens Mountain, Quinn Trail, Lingham Lake, Camp NL, Phil Factor, Hells Trail and Killer Lake.

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Qualifications for a Mechanic

A qualified Mechanic must be a mechanic, electrician, machinist, carpenter, blacksmith, sheet metal worker, welder, painter, parts man, chemist and metallurgist. To get out of many situations, he must be a boxer, wrestler, weight lifter, and an acrobat.

He must be a salesman, public relations man, and mechanical engineer. He must be an expert on lawnmowers, washing machines, motorboats, horse trailers, dogs, and by the way, cars too.

He must be able to receive orders from employers, service managers, service salesmen, parts men, salesmen and customers. He must be able to withstand infinite amounts of abusive language. And he must be able to do all this without becoming irritated or confused.

He must be an expert at driving cars without brakes. He must have a way with children, dogs, irritable customers, and old maids.

He must be able to read a service manual in any language, in any position, and in any condition.

He must know how to maintain an up-to-date list of prospects.

He must be able to recall, without hesitation, what he was doing at any point during the last four years. He must know what tool to use, and where it went when he turned his back.

He must be able to work a 12 hours day in the winter with wet feet, thrive on two meals a day in the busy season, and after all that appear fresh the next morning.

He must be able to inhale infinite amounts of carbon monoxide, dust, and a variety of other noxious fumes without sneezing or getting sick, and be able to work outside all day and half the night in 40 degree below or 100 degree above temperatures.

Where else could you find a job with so much challenge? Where else could life be so interesting? After all, where could you possibly get such a wide education plus the chance to earn as you learn?

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