Earn As You Learn

Over the years I have seen a lot of defects most of which could have been prevented with a little training or experience. Just in the last few years, I have been taking pictures thanks to the invention of the cell phone. 

Turbo Failure
  • Less than a day running.

This group of pictures was taken of a turbo with only a few hours of run time on it. This was the second new turbo that failed with less than a day running on it. The second time around there was also a new oil pump installed. We were asked if we would like to take a look at it. With hesitation, sure. After extensive diagnostics, we couldn’t find anything other than the new kinked turbo feed line that was installed on one of the previous two repairs. The mechanic removing the turbo feed line wasn’t paying attention and wasn’t sure if it was kinked that bad or not. Although it really doesn’t look like it was kinked enough to starve the turbo it was. Put everything back together with a new turbo and feed line, road-tested unit and it was fine, three turbos, an oil pump, and a whole bunch of labour later and problem solved. Still running last time I asked.

Annual Inspection

This unit came in for an annual inspection after sitting over the winter. You never know what your gonna find when you pull the wheels. Appears the mice thought this was a good place to build their nest. 

Wheel End Failures

A Tandem dump truck came in with the center broken out of the inside steel rim. Wheel nuts were tight possibly overloaded. 

Pretty well the same as above, Westernstar tractor came in with the center broken out of inside steel wheel. Wheel nuts tight possibly overloaded as it was a farm tractor hauling trains.

Westernstar dump truck had the brakes done the day before. I would have to say the wheel end components didn’t get cleaned properly resulting in loose wheels and lots of damage.

Mack straight truck that just had its brakes done recently. Again possibly the wheel end components didn’t get cleaned properly. These wheels were just about to come off.

Chevy 3500 transit bus that came in with the wheels falling off.

Came into work one morning and found this trailer parked in the shop with the wheels missing. Not a bearing failure problem, not sure where the 2 wheels went.

Wheel Seal Failures

Both these wheel seal failures were due to the person installing the seal. As you can see the person left the deflector rings on the axle as they didn’t know any better.. They should have been removed prior to installing the new seals.

  • This was a brand new rad in a box strapped to the back of the cab. As you can see the light cord and airlines are attached to the rad.

The story behind the burnt rad goes as follows. The customer came into the shop wanting us to take a look for a coolant leak. Turns out the unit needed a rad. Customer thought it would be cheaper for them to supply their own parts so they picked up a rad and strapped it to the back of the cab, needless to say, it didn’t make it to us, shorted out on the light cord I’m guessing and setting fire to the box the rad was in. You can see the end result. In this case, I’m sure it would have been cheaper for us to supply the rad. Why do customers think they can supply their own parts, do you take your own eggs or hamburger to Macdonalds? 

  • The driver claims it was ok when he did his pretrip. Look at the end of the slack adjuster I would have to say it's been like this for a while.

Just some random defects found.

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