Dana 60 Hubs & Refresh

By Lowrad

So I started tearing into the Dana 60 to put the new Warn Premium hubs on it. It already has Warn hubs but I got a smokin deal on the Premiums (which will make it easier to engage and disengage with the front end welded up) So here’s the steps to taking stuff apart and putting it back together.

  • We start with takin the Warn hubs out.

Next take a couple of screws that hold the hub locker in place and thread them into the outer hub spline and giver a couple of yanks. It probably won’t come that easy apparently more times than not they are kinda stuck in there from lack of grease and years of neglect. You may need to spray the hell outa it with penetrating oil and then maybe take a piece of steel and drill a couple of holes into it for the screws and then take a bar and pry against the stub shaft and the steel to pop it out. Lucky for me it wasn’t that bad getting the bugger outa there.

So here’s the difference between the regular Warn hub and the Premium hub. Basically it’s all in how the locking mechanism engages. The Regular hub twists out with a channel and a spring pushing the channel out as it turns. The Premium twists out like a threaded screw and has the spring on the outside that pushes against the inner locking ring. It is a lot more firm and locks more positively. The channel on the regular is only a 1/4 turn to lock and unlock and the threaded part on the Premium is a full turn to lock and unlock.


So that’s how to get the hubs off. Tomorrow I buy the socket needed to unbolt the inner retainers on the spindle and inspect the bearings and seals.

So got the rest torn apart tonight lot of fun. Not to bad shape actually, couple seals some new spindle bearings, cleanup, grease the shit outa it, and slapper back together. BTW a lot of this can be applied to a D44 axle and the Ford axles too. The major difference from what I’ve read between the Chevy, Dodge, and Ford is the spindle bolt count and the caliper brackets (and of course what side the pumpkin is on).

  • Here is the special socket you need for the bearing nuts on a Dana 60.

So for those who wonder yes my shaft is HUGE. They are like 1.5 inches thick and the u-joints are just as freakin huge. These are only the 30 spline shafts if I went to the 35 spline inner and outer it would be ridiculous. Don’t think I’ll be breaking u-joints and shafts anymore (well ok I still might be hell it’ll be ALOT more fun when I do).

Going to see about how to best chop the bottom thinking I might just see if Dean would be willing to do it for me as he has a mill. Now that everything is off the 60 it’s not too bad to move around probably the weight of a rear d44 with axles in. More to come.

Torn into the kingpins tonight actually in really good shape. Grease was old but cleaned up, just turned the bushing to the other side and re-greased everything. Took the gears out too have a plan in my head for the truss.

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