Dam Ford

by 300 6 Jeep

Well the truck through a code P0016 and after replacing a couple of VVT solenoids I discovered that it was the timing chain and it needed to be replaced at 146000 km. Apparently this engine has been around for 10 years and in multiple vehicles ranging from cars, SUV and now the trucks. This issue has been there from the get go! Ford has never done a recall on these motors, they just release TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) which is nothing more that a cop out! For my truck there has been 4 TSB on the timing chain alone!

So I went to our local ford dealer to get a quote. Well the quote was $1800 for parts (I asked them to replace everything under the front cover) 12 hrs labor at $130/hr it came out to about $4300 (for something that should have been cover under warranty!)

So I go to book it in to get the repair, I told the service department guy that I have half the money and will have the rest in a 3-4 months. He said as long as you have it when you pick up the truck, then I asked if I could do payments he looked at me like I had to heads. We don’t do a payment plan on repairs. So I said to him that I have to fix something that you have know about for 10 years, and if this was in the states it would be covered under warranty (100,000 miles = 160,000 km) and I have to come up with $4300 out of my pocket because you don’t want to fix your vehicle! I was impressed with myself I didn’t yell or swear I just said well cancel the appointment because YOU are not doing the work I will, and I know it isn’t his fault he is just doing his job. Oh and guess what all of the parts are DEALER ONLY!

So after that rant I did it my self! I bought the tool to hold the cams and went at it. It took me 4 days and two times to get it done! The first time was just a practice (I need to pay attention when I’m setting the secondary cam chain timing!) So now I can do it under the 12 hrs that Ford quoted!

Here are some pictures on the procedure and how LOOSE the chain was!

  • All tore apart.

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