231/D300 Doubler

by lowrad

Basically you take a NP231 and a D300 and put them together with a kit that consists of a block off plate, a clocking ring (for the D300) and a stub shaft that mates the two together.

Now for the teardown of the 231. You unbolt the the case and split it apart and this is what you see.

Then you get to have fun with cutting tools.

  • Place cover over the split case.

Thanks to TMan (Tulman) for tig welding up the case. Couple minor problems I plan on letting Eric know, the block off plate he gives with the kit is to thick according to Tulman. He didn’t notice till after he went to bolt it up to weld it up. When he bolted it up the pressure made the case crack on the corner so he had to fix that too. Not a biggy but will be letting Eric at Stangg`s Fab know cause this is his first run of them. Tulman said maybe plane about an 1/8 off and it would’ve been fine.

So final paint all done, both halves will be black and the clocking ring and block off plate as well as other hard parts like shifter holder. Stuff on the D300 in natural aluminum. Should look not to shabby (figure if Tweeter gonna be on his lid might just as well have stuff underneath look nice.

OK doubler complete. Testfitting is always a good thing and thinking ahead is a good idea too. Learned what a couple of bolts that came with the kit where for today and why 2 of the holes on the plate where tapped. Assembly from this point is pretty straight forward cept for a couple tricks with bolt placement some drilling (hindsight it woulda been easier had I realized why the plate was tapped in to places and why they gave you 2 different types of bolts but you don’t realize till you have everything together)

Here are the 2 bolts I spoke of. When you have the D300 and 231 together you have to bolt from the opposite side that originally done on the 231 that is the reason the plate is tapped and the reason one is a regular bolt and the other is a allen head is because on the one side of the 231 there isn’t enough room for a regular bolt and you need the allen to be able to tighten everything down. I think this is the reason you buy a kit like this instead of trying yourself they already thought of the shit you would run into.

doubler (31)

Some pictures of the finished product not to shabby I would say. I would recommend this mod. For the price you get better gearing than a 4 to 1 from Advanced Adapters for the 231 and you get twin stick….AND you get SYE….ALL win win win….

  • For those wondering the length is not that dramatic really.

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